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Edo-Reiwa 100 Figures #002-Taking my Grandma Out 江戸令和百人美女#002 五百羅漢に連れてゆく

★English below.






”Edo 100 beauties, 100 places” is the series of Ukiyoe published in 1857 by Kunisada Utagawa. It traces out the real lives of ladies that lived in Edo along with the related famous places in Edo. Looking at these Ukiyoe, I came up with similar lives that I see nowadays in Reiwa, the imperial reign period right now. So here I am with the series of my own, ”Edo-Reiwa 100 Figures”.

In Edo

The second lady of ”Edo 100 beauties, 100places” is a girl who brought her grandmother to the famous Gohyaku-rkaan temple in Oshima, Edo. In the shrine there is a tower called Sazae-do which contains 100 Kannon statues from all over Japan. If you visit there once, you have visited 100 shrines it says! The girls took her grandmother so she does not have to go all the 100 places herself.

In Reiwa

This Edo girl reminded me of a nice girl who loves her family and her homeland where she grew up. She brought her grandmother who does not have an access to anywhere besides walking for a shopping. They came to “Aeon Mall” where any kinds of shopping can be done all at once. In the Aeon Mall, you can get food, daily use items, any types of clothings…of course you can get some fancy sweets or you can even watch movies. “Aeon Mall” is a reliable almighty super mall, any Japanese countryside has. So there they are, doing any types of shopping all at once!