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Edo-Reiwa 100 Figures #1 Love letter at Yushima Tenjin

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”Edo 100 beauties, 100 places” is the series of Ukiyoe published in 1857 by Kunisada Utagawa. It traces out the real lives of ladies that lived in Edo along with the related famous places in Edo. Looking at these Ukiyoe, I came up with similar lives that I see nowadays in Reiwa, the imperial reign period right now. So here I am with the series of my own, ”Edo-Reiwa 100 Figures”.

In Edo

The first lady of ”Edo 100 beauties, 100places” is a girl who was supposed to be studying but writing a love letter to call out her crush to Yushima Tenjin, a famous shrine for a love wish. In the small window on the top right corner called ”Koma-e”, the Yushima Tenjin is drawn. The lady is around 13 years old, a daughter of a merchant who in general is at this age already preparing for her marriage. She was practicing calligraphy, but it seems like it was much more fun to write a love letter.

In Reiwa

This Edo girl reminded me of high school students coming to Strabucks and trying to study. I personally often go to a cafe but in the afternoon around 3 o’clock, it is almost impossible to find a seat because of all the students coming to study. There are ones studying pretty hard, but of course there are ones who stopped their pens and leaning towards their smartphone, typing something so fast. I wondered that they are chatting with their crush or something and could not find a point to stop.

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